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To all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke

February 2016

Changes in the board of trustees

Dear relatives

At the beginning of the past year, Hans Thalmann resigned from the post of president of the foundation after many years of service. With him resigned the secretary, Urs Zschokke, after an even longer time of holding this position. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for their commitment and dedication to our foundation.

To fill these positions, at the last meeting of the old board on January 28th, 2015, Vania Zschokke was elected new secretary, while Leo Zschokke was elected new president. Samuel Zschokke remains on the board as treasurer.

Enclosed please find the latest edition of the portrait of the Zschokke Foundation (see home ). In the mailed letter we also enclosed the list of addresses of Heinrich Zschokke descendants and an extract of the genealogical tree.

To enable the foundation to continue serving its purpose, we are grateful if you notify Samuel of corrections and additions to the address list and to the genealogical tree.

The genealogical tree of the descendants of Heinrich Zschokke currently includes 1728 persons. To be able to continue updating the genealogical tree continuously, we ask you to notify Samuel of all family news. The genealogical tree is available online (genealogy, access data can be obtained from Samuel) and can also be purchased in printed form.

With kind regards

For the board of trustees, Samuel Zschokke (treasurer)

president: Leo Zschokke, Ruesteinweg 1, CH-9475 Sevelen, Switzerland, +41 81 740 15 54, zschokke.leogmail.com
treasurer: Samuel Zschokke, Sternenbergstrasse 17, CH-4112 Flüh, Switzerland, +41 61 731 36 22, samuel.zschokkebluewin.ch
secretary: Vania Zschokke, Glaserbergstrasse 9, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland, +41 76 405 77 25, vaniazgmx.ch