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In 1920, Theodor and Eugen Zschokke (both were sons of Heinrich Zschokke) established a foundation ("Hilfsfonds") for the descendants of their brother Achilles Zschokke. In 1973, another foundation ("Andreas Zschokke-Fonds") was established for all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke. In 1992, the two foundations were combined and renamed to "Zschokke-Stiftung".

The purpose of the Zschokke-Stiftung is the financial support of all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke (1771-1848) and of their marital partners. The Zschokke Stiftung supports education, provisions and similar purposes in case of need. Payments can be made either in the form of grants or of loans. Contributions can also be made towards projects furthering the coherence of the family.

Between 2012 and 2015, five relatives were supported with a total amount of nearly 30,000 francs, of which 20,000 francs were loans. In addition, the foundation supported the publication of the biography of Heinrich Zschokke and its presentation to which all descendents of Heinrich Zschokke had been invited. The foundation currently has assets of around 180,000 francs.

Requests for loans or grants should be addressed to the president of the foundation, Leo Zschokke (see below). Requests should contain personal data, address, phone and e-mail as well as information on the relationship to Heinrich Zschokke or to his descendants. It is important that the purpose of the request is described and that a brief budget with the available and requested funds is included.

president: Leo Zschokke, Ruesteinweg 1, CH-9475 Sevelen, Switzerland, +41 81 740 15 54, zschokke.leogmail.com
treasurer: Samuel Zschokke, Sternenbergstrasse 17, CH-4112 Flüh, Switzerland, +41 61 731 36 22, samuel.zschokkebluewin.ch
secretary: Vania Zschokke, Glaserbergstrasse 9, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland, +41 76 405 77 25, vaniazgmx.ch