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To all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke

autumn 2012 (updated version)

Will you come and attend the presentation of the Zschokke biography?

Dear relatives

In spring 2013, more precisely on Saturday morning, 20 April 2013, the Heinrich Zschokke biography will be formally presented in the chamber of the Greater Council of Aarau. Afterwards, our foundation offers all guests to a snack. In the afternoon there will be the possibility to visit the new exhibition on Heinrich Zschokke in the nearby the castle garden, and to chat with friends and relatives over coffee and cake.

The historian Werner Ort has for years, or even for decades, been working on the biography of Heinrich Zschokke. He has collected and processed not fewer than 380 large folders filled with documents. He has discovered many new and exciting facts in the life of Heinrich Zschokke and placed it in the dramatic history of his period. The book is published by the local publisher hier + jetzt and is first presented to the public in March 2013 at the Leipzig Book Fair.

You are all cordially invited to this unique event. However, you need to register, as the chamber of the Greater Council seats no more than 250 people. If you have not done so yet, please register no later than 15 February 2013 with our president Hans Thalmann (see below). All participants will receive a detailed programme approximately one month before the event.

We also invite you to become a member of the Heinrich Zschokke society. This society was established twelve years ago, and aims "to promote the scientific and journalistic study of Heinrich Zschokke, his work and influence, his and his time." This society has promoted the Zschokke biography and she deserves your support in the form of an annual contribution of 50 francs.

with best regards

For the board of trustees of the Zschokke Stiftung

Hans Thalmann

BTW together with this important announcement of the opening we have two more news:

  1. Following the letter in 2010, numerous changes and additions to the address list have been sent to us. Thank you very much. We ask you to inform us of any further changes continuously.
  2. The Zschokke family tree can now be viewed online. To obtain the necessary password, please contact Samuel (see below).

president: Leo Zschokke, Ruesteinweg 1, CH-9475 Sevelen, Switzerland, +41 81 740 15 54, zschokke.leogmail.com
treasurer: Samuel Zschokke, Sternenbergstrasse 17, CH-4112 Flüh, Switzerland, +41 61 731 36 22, samuel.zschokkebluewin.ch
secretary: Vania Zschokke, Glaserbergstrasse 9, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland, +41 76 405 77 25, vaniazgmx.ch