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To all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke

spring 2008

You need the Zschokke-Stiftung - and it needs you.

Dear relatives

The survey last summer received an unexpected response. We sent out 250 questionnaires, and almost half of them were returned, a really high return rate. And the vote was clear: only 10% voted for an abolition of the Stiftung, 21% were in favour of extending the purpose of the Stiftung beyond the family, and the large majority, namely 69% voted in favour of keeping the Stiftung as it is now. Many reasoned that among the Zschokke family, there are still cases of need, and that education has become more and more expensive (see also the extended list of comments in German). Last year the number of requests for support tripled.

We conclude that the Stiftung will continue unchanged. However, it can continue its purpose generously only if a) additional money is available to it, b) all descendants of Heinrich Zschokke and their addresses are known to us and c) the information flow from the Stiftung is improved. The latter is done with this newsletter, and we intend to send out newsletters regularly.

Concerning the first two points, it's your turn. We ask you to support the Stiftung if you are able to (IBAN: CH71 0076 1016 0381 3008 2, BIC: KBAGCH22). Any amount is welcome. Of course, it is also possible to support the Stiftung with a legate. And please keep us informed on address changes, last year, 50 new addresses could be added to our list.

Thank you for your support

kind regards

Hans Thalmann

president: Leo Zschokke, Ruesteinweg 1, CH-9475 Sevelen, Switzerland, +41 81 740 15 54, zschokke.leogmail.com
treasurer: Samuel Zschokke, Sternenbergstrasse 17, CH-4112 Flüh, Switzerland, +41 61 731 36 22, samuel.zschokkebluewin.ch
secretary: Vania Zschokke, Glaserbergstrasse 9, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland, +41 76 405 77 25, vaniazgmx.ch